Electric Vehicle Policies

The following policies will help prepare Hawaii for the deployment of electric vehicles, EV parking, and EV charging.

Hawaii Electric Vehicle Related Laws

Act 290  Session Law (1997)
Requires special electric vehicle license plates to be established and issued, free parking for EVs with EV license plates at State and County facilities including meters, and exemptions from high occupancy vehicle lanes.

As of July 1, 2002, the 5 year period from the effective date has ended and electric vehicle registration fees and associated fees are no longer waived.

Act 156  HRS 291-71 (2009)

Requires  large parking lots with 100+ parking  stalls available for public use to designate 1% of parking spaces for EVs with at least one stall to include a charger. This law also set forth clear hierarchy whereby government will lead by example in selecting alternative vehicles: 1) EV/PHEV, 2) Hydrogen/Fuel Cell vehicles, 3) Alternative Fuel vehicles, 4) Hybrids, and 5) Fuel Economy Leaders.

Act 186 HRS 196-7.5 (2010)

Provides that a person is permitted to install an EV charger system on or near the parking stall of any multifamily residential dwelling or townhouse owned by that person. It allows private entities to adopt rules reasonably restricting the placement and use of charging systems provided that those restrictions do not prohibit the placement or use of the charging systems altogether